PARI (Particules, Applications, Rayonnement & Interaction)

PARI (Particules, Applications, Rayonnement & Interaction)

The team PARI studies fundamental properties of hot dense plasmas that are relevant to astrophysical objects or inertial confinement fusion. PARI activities are mostly experimental, carrying out experiments on laser facilities such as LULI2000, Apollon or equivalent facilities around the world. In close collaboration with the team TIPS, the team PARI also supports the development of the open-source code Smilei for simulating laser-plasma interaction.

Research topics

Fusion and alternative ignition schemes

  • shock ignition: launching strong shocks in large pre-plasma
  • fast ignition: understanding of fast electron generation, transport and energy deposition in solid or compressed plasmas

Radiative properties of hot dense plasmas (x-ray and XUV spectroscopy)

  • x-ray and XUV absorption spectroscopy of near-LTE radiatively-heated materials
  • x-ray emission spectroscopy of well-characterized non-LTE plasmas

Laser-plasma interaction in the picosecond regime

  • growth and saturation of parametric instabilities
  • kinetic effects on parametric instabilities

High-intensity laser-matter interaction

  • isochoric heating
  • numerical modeling
Team Composition
Sophie BATON
Sébastien LE PAPE
Frédéric PEREZ