The LULI2000 laser hall contains 2 power laser chains (NORTH and SOUTH) with single pulse neodymium glass. Each chain can deliver up to 1 kJ at ω (1.053 µm) in ns regime (NANO2000 configuration).

The repetition rate is limited to one shot every 90 minutes (between 4 and 6 "full energy" shots per day); however, a 10 Hz laser allows for rapid diagnostic alignment.

More about the LULI2000 laser architecture.

The implementation of the frequency drift amplification (CPA) technique on a chain (the SUD chain - PICO2000 configuration) allows it to deliver a pulse in ps regime. However, to avoid a too fast damage of the compression networks, the delivered energy was then limited to ~100 J in 1 ps (100 TW).

One additional chain, with more modest energies, is available for pump-probe experiments: the Blue chain delivers pulses of the order of 50 J in ns regime.

All chains are ps-synchronizable and equipped with (i) frequency conversion devices for 0.53 µm (2ω) pulses, except for the black chain, and (ii) adaptive optics wavefront correction systems.

The facility currently has 4 independent oscillators, which allows users to benefit from differentiated pulse time shapes (1 for the North kJ power chain in ns regime, 1 for the South kJ power chain in ns regime, 1 for the Blue chain and 1 for the South and PICO2000 chain). In ns regime, the pulses can be profiled on demand, over durations ranging from ~1 to ~15 ns.