Instructions on how to apply

Please follow them in order to provide the selection panel with all the required elements for evaluation.
Prior to this evaluation, the technical and radiological feasibility of your proposed experimental campaign will be checked. Careful and detailed writing is then recommended; any lack of required information on the experimental set-up could lead to rejection.

Application form

Write your proposal according to the application form (following all the guidelines that are there included) you can download here.
The application must be accompanied by the completed configuration form (either Room#1 or Room#2 download below).

All the information on the available laser/experimental parameters can be found on the page LULI2000.
You must contact a LULI researcher (according to the investigated thematic) before writing the final version of your proposal. He/she will be able to determine whether the experiment can be efficiently carried out at the targeted facility and help you to complete the required configuration form (see below); during the experiment, if selected, he/she will familiarize you with the operation procedures and provided diagnostics.
A list of the contact persons is given here.

Please note that you must designate a Co-PI is mandatory.

Configuration form

We request now to fill a configuration form to help us evaluate the feasibility of your proposal. Please find below these forms (inscribable pdf format - if an error message pops up, please click on "download the file"; it will open normally); choose the one corresponding to the facility and the experimental area you are targeting) and sent it completed with your scientific proposal.

LULI2000 User Guide

This user guide summarizes the conditions of access to the LULI2000 facility and its operation. We encourage you to read this guide.

  • pdf version in French to download here
  • pdf version in English to download here

Standard Access

Proposals, written in English, must be sent, by e-mail, to access[at] They will be evaluated and notification of the final decision will occur before the end of the month. Available access will be granted on the basis of scientific merit and appropriateness to the targeted facility.
Please note that your proposals will be handled in strict confidence.

Special Access

European Transnational Access

A few weeks on the LULI laser facilities will be funded by the European Commission. To apply to these weeks, users must usually satisfy nationality criteria. If eligible, they will be allocated facility access free of charge; adequate scientific, technical & logistic support will be provided and travel & living expenses will be covered. Researchers from LASERLAB-Europe access providers will not be eligible, except under the framework of "joint experiments". You can find more information on the LASERLAB website. Pay attention to the fact that proposal submission is, in that case, done twice, first according to the standard access rules (described above) and second using the I3 LASERLAB-EUROPE Electronic Proposal Management System (please connect to the above-mentioned page and follow instructions: complete the online form and attach our application form, and not the LASERLAB one).

French pluri-annual access

LULI2000 is open to pluri-annual experimental campaigns proposed by French users. One new slot will be attributed this year, i.e. 2 weeks per year, for a period of 3 years (if positively evaluated each year by the program committee). Please clearly explain in your proposal the whole program, i.e. for the 3 consecutive years, including a detailed work programme.