Contact persons

Particle acceleration with lasers / Ultra-fast plasmas
Julien Fuchs (julien.fuchs[at] or Lorenzo Romagnani (lorenzo.romagnani[at]

Underdense plasma-laser interaction / Alternative fusion schemes
Sophie Baton (sophie.baton[at] or Jean-Raphael Marques(jean-raphael.marques[at]

Hydrodynamics / EOS /  Planetology
Tommaso Vinci (tommaso.vinci[at]

Laboratory astrophysics
Bruno Albertazzi (bruno.albertazzi[at]

Atomic physics & x-ray spectroscopy of laser-produced hot plasmas
Frederic Perez (frederic.perez[at]

Laser-induced shocks for material processing
Laurent Berthe (laurent.berthe[at]

If the field of your research is not mentioned here, please contact us.