Understanding cosmic ray generation in the lab

12 Oct. 2021
Understanding cosmic ray generation in the lab

By combining high-power lasers and intense magnetic fields,  researchers succeeded for the first time in demonstrating particle acceleration during the interaction of a collisionless shock wave with a magnetized ambient medium.



Laboratory evidence for proton energization by collisionless shock surfing.
W. Yao, A. Fazzini, S. N. Chen, K. Burdonov, P. Antici, J. Béard, S. Bolaños, A. Ciardi, R. Diab, E. D. Filippov, S. Kisyov, V. Lelasseux, M. Miceli, Q. Moreno, V. Nastasa, S. Orlando, S. Pikuz, D. C. Popescu, G. Revet, X. Ribeyre, E. d’Humières & J. Fuchs, Nature Physics 17, 1177 (2021)
Text available on the open access repositories HAL and arXiv.